The Southwest is one of ten geographic regions of play in the USA Ultimate College Division. It's geographic scope contains Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Western Mexico.

Conferences Edit

The Southwest is split into 4 separate conferences, with each conference containing separate competition divisions. There is no Women's D-III Conference and in the absence of D-III Conferences, all D-III teams will be included in their respective D-I Conference/Region. Bids to D-III College Championships will be allotted based upon the Regular Season Rankings. The conference names and their respective competition divisions are as follows:

  • Desert
    • Men's D-I, Women's D-I
  • NorCal
    • Men's D-I, Women's D-I
  • SoCal
    • Men's D-I, Women's D-I
  • Southwest
    • Men's D-III, Men's Developmental, Women's Developmental