The Elite Flight is the 2nd tier in the USA Ultimate Club ranking system. The bottom 8 finishing teams at the Nation Championships are placed in the Elite Flight tier.

Flights Edit

The current Elite Flights based on on the 2016's National Championship.

Men's Elite Flight Edit

2017 Men's Elite Flight
Place Team City
9th Doublewide Austin, TX
10th Furious George Vancouver, BC
11th Prairie Fire Kansas City, KS
12th H.I.P Houston, TX
13th Madison Club Madison, WI
14th Machine Chicago, IL
15th PoNY New York, NY
16th Dig Boston, MA

Women's Elite Flight Edit

2017 Women's Elite Flight
Place Team City
9th Nightlock San Francisco, CA
10th Showdown Austin, TX
11th Phoenix Raleigh, NC
12th Rival Columbus, OH
13th Iris Montreal, QC
14th Wildfire San Diego, CA
15th Green Means Go Philadelphia, PA
16th Schwa Portland, OR

Mixed Elite Flight Edit

2017 Mixed Elite Flight
Place Team City
9th NOISE Madison, WI
10th Ambiguous Grey Washington, DC
11th Public Enemy Dallas, TX
12th No Touching Minneapolis, MN
13th Alloy Pittsburgh, PA
14th Love Tractor Boulder, CO
15th G-Unit Gainesville, FL
16th shame. Denver, CO