The Club division of USA Ultimate is subdivided into Open, Women's, and Mixed divisions. The first national championship took place in 1979 in State College, Pennsylvania. The Women's division was added in 1981. The Mixed Division was added in 1998.

Club national tournaments were held in Sarasota, FL for a number of years, but in 2012, USA Ultimate began moving around the location.

Regions Edit

Club competition is split into eight regions throughout North America. The Regions are:

Flights Edit

The Club division is broken into four tiers: Pro Flight, Elite Flight, Select Flight and Classic Flight. What flight a team is placed is dependent on their performance in the prior season. The criteria for each flight is as follows:

Pro Flight Edit

The top 8 finishing teams at the prior year’s National Championships are placed in the Pro Flight tier.

Elite Flight Edit

The bottom 8 finishing teams below the Pro Flight at the Nation Championships are placed in the Elite Flight tier.

Select Flight Edit

The next 32 highest ranking teams are based on the next 4 highest finishing teams in each geographical region's Regional Championships, after Pro and Elite Flight teams.

Classic Flight Edit

The Classic Flight is all other teams that took part in the Regular Season or the Post Season of the Triple Crown Tour.