The Boston Whitecaps were a professional ultimate frisbee team that competed in Major League Ultimate (MLU). The Whitecaps were one of the original 8 MLU teams. They were members of the Eastern Conference.

On July 13, 2013, following an undefeated 10-and-0 regular season and a 23–15 East Conference Finals victory over the Washington DC Current, the Boston Whitecaps captured the inaugural Major League Ultimate Championship by defeating the San Francisco Dogfish 20–15 at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

History Edit

From the beginning of the league, the Whitecaps were the strongest team in the MLU. Taking advantage of the storied history of Boston ultimate, the Whitecaps went undefeated through their first season en route to their first championship in the 2013 season.

The 2014 season was a bit of a disappointment for the Whitecaps.